To Say What…

Posted December 23, 2012

Sometimes there are no words to express the depth of feeling. This month has been overwhelmingly sad. The public news of young children being shot down in a place that should be a safe haven, was horrific. The private news of loved ones – a friend and an aunt – who died unexpectedly brought a heaviness to the holiday season and stunned my thoughts.

This sadness, however, has only affirmed my decision in January 2012 to make a significant shift in my life (see blog post from September). This year has been a wonderful adventure of great learning, spanking new experiences, new friendships and many bumps and twists.

Tomorrow is not promised, and so we must live passionately and love generously. This is what I try to do. I turn to face this new year head on! I hope you do, too.

Happy holidays, and best wishes for 2013.