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Washington Writers’ Publishing House is thrilled to announce the publication of its 2011 Fiction Prize winner: The Color of My Soul by Melanie S. Hatter.

The Color of My Soul takes the reader on a journey through race and culture, family loyalty and selfhood through a young woman’s discovery of a secret about her father.


How could he be alive, this man she had always believed to be dead? She shook her head. She wanted a vodka and tonic. “I don’t understand why you didn’t say anything.”

“I’m sorry.” Her mother’s apology slid to the floor. Kira wasn’t listening. That her father was alive and wanted to see her spun around her mind, but she couldn’t grasp the thought to make it real. Her mother’s voice came back to her.

“I didn’t think he would ever come back, and I didn’t want you to hope that he would.”


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Published by the Washington Writers’ Publishing House

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