Let No One Weep

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In these 15 poignant stories, Melanie S. Hatter explores the tenuous hold we have on those we love, the heartache of loss, and the peace of self-discovery. The characters make their way through an often confusing world. They grapple with the complex nature of relationships and struggle to understand their place in roles such as wife, husband, lover, mother, daughter.

In “Something Worth Saving,” a woman deals with the aftermath of a terrifying abduction. In “Cornbread,” a daughter struggles to understand her mother’s increasing dementia, and in “Nikki,” an abused wife is inspired by a stranger she meets in a corner store. This collection also features “Taking the Shot” which was first published as an e-book by Etopia Press.

From the District of Columbia to North Carolina, from Colombia to Italy, each story draws the reader in with crisp writing, rich characters and intimate settings.

Words of Praise

“Melanie Hatter is a sensitive soul who writes about love and loss with her whole heart.” ~  Donna Britt, journalist and author of “Brothers (& me): A Memoir of Loving and Giving”

“Melanie Hatter is an adept seer in the manner of Marita Golden and Maxine Clair. Her catchy stories play out in the shadowbox of the heart — familial dramas loaded with emotional spunk and live wires that spit and short out in a burst of fireworks. She plunks us down among generations of women trapped in the fantasy of happily ever, their damaged goods men, their family problems, their schemes, and their despair. These spirited characters, kidnappings, betrayals, obsessions, and losses, resonate long after you close this spectacular book.” ~ Richard Peabody, editor, Gargoyle Magazine

“Melanie Hatter has written a powerful collection of stories here, which are both gorgeous and painful to read. She has a pleasing, literary-meets-commercial writing style that absorbed me quickly, through each of the collection’s fifteen stories. Hatter is not afraid to plumb the depths of loss and sorrow, but fortunate for the readers, the writing is so beautiful, it’s a journey worth taking alongside her characters. I especially enjoyed ‘Cornbread,’ ‘The Other Side of the Post Office’ and ‘Nikki.’ This is a memorable collection, with characters and stories I won’t soon forget. Recommended for those who enjoy literary fiction with an accessible story element.” ~ Terez Rose, author, “Off Balance (Ballet Theatre Chronicles)”