Bringing Your Book to Life

So, you’re finally finished! Congratulations. Finishing your manuscript is a fantastic achievement. Take some time to enjoy this moment. But, you’re only just beginning. To continue on the path to getting published, there are a few steps you need to take. And one is to get an editor.

Whether you’re looking to submit your manuscript to a publisher or considering self publishing, it’s important to have a professional editor review your work. My goal is to help you prepare your work for publication. I will be your partner and coach through the process.

My goal is to help you bring your project — your dream — to life.

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“As a first time writer I was apprehensive to finally turn my manuscript over to an editor.  Melanie S. Hatter provided me with insightful editing, honest, and constructive feedback. I received a professional summary with detailed critique, thorough document track changes, suggestions, and thought provoking questions making me think about the direction of my novel and the background of my characters.  Her guidance made me a much better writer, which, by the way I was reluctant to call myself.  I am now on my way to publishing my first novel that I couldn’t have done without her. Melanie is not just a writer and editor she is also a mentor and coach; and I am lucky enough to call her a friend.”
~ Nataliz

“Melanie Hatter has provided tremendous support and effort on compiling my book on Health and Fitness for Seniors. Her editorial skills and composition resulted in a work that has received praise and gratitude for being inspirational and valuable in the way the readers live their lives. Her research in the production of the volume to be both a paperback and available as en e-book allowed for a wide selection of distribution. I would recommend Melanie without reservation and very glad to have her as ‘my publisher.'”
~ Dr. W. Newlin Hewson

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Editing Services

Substantive Content Editing
If you have written a first or second draft, I provide comprehensive feedback on the whole story including character development, setting, dialogue, consistency,  as well as suggestions to improve readability and clarity. I suggest areas that need cut or restructured. I will correct any errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and offer suggestions to tighten language and make sentences more clear. I always make sure my changes preserve your voice.

Copy Editing
If you have had your work edited and feel it is close to final, I will closely read your manuscript, correcting any errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage while preserving your voice. I will offer suggestions to tighten language and make sentences more clear, and ensure consistency throughout.

Once your project is final, I provide a last review to correct typos or errors and, where needed, cross-check the text to ensure earlier changes have been made correctly. I also review titles, headings, page  numbers, etc.

Formatting for Publication
If you’re looking to self publish and you need help with formatting, either for an e-book or for a print book, I am familiar with Kindle and Smashwords formatting. It takes time and an eye for detail to ensure your book is readable on any platform.

Contact me for more information and pricing options. (Pricing depends on your project and your specific needs.)